Skin Cancer Treatment

Although skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK, there are effective methods of treatment available. The most important factor in the successful treatment of skin cancer is early diagnosis. The choice of treatment ranges from creams to surgery and depends on the site, size and type of lesion.

Acne Treatment

Acne can be a distressing and depressing condition but the correct treatment can dramatically improve your appearance. Clearing acne on a permanent basis is relatively straightforward if you have access to a specialist. An assessment of your skin and previous treatments will reveal the best way for you to achieve the best results. See Dr Evans' article on acne in the Western Mail.

Wart and Verruca Treatment

Warts or verrucas are troublesome skin conditions notoriously difficult to treat using traditional methods. Laser treatment, cryotherapy, prescription creams or tablets are all available. Cryotherapy works by freezing the targeted area and is a simple and quick treatment. Which method is most effective depends on the severity and nature of the warts being treated. Hand warts can be cleared in the vast majority of cases. Verrucas are more difficult to treat but disappear in around two-thirds of cases.

Mole Removal

If you have concerns about a mole or other skin lesion a consultant dermatologist can give you instant, expert help. After assessment of your mole(s) often only reassurance and observation is required. If necessary (or if you would just like to be without the mole) it can be removed with minimal discomfort and often a barely detectable scar. Cost from £168. See Dr Evans' article on melanoma in the Western Mail.


There are many different types of eczema which can affect people of all ages. Even relatively mild disease can be very irritating but fortunately there are a number of treatments on hand which can often dramatically improve your symptoms. See Dr Evans' article on eczema in the Western Mail.


There are several components to rosacea. The red spots and yellowheads can be reduced through the use of medication or creams. Laser therapy can be a very effective way of treating the redness associated with rosacea. Dr Evans has written an article on rosacea for the publication Dermatology In Practice. Cost from £90 per session 1-6 sessions required on average.


Psoriasis is a skin disease affecting around 2% of the population. Fortunately it tends to avoid the face but it can still cause significant problems. Although there is still no cure some very effective treatments are available. See Dr Evans' article on psoriasis in the Western Mail.

Melanoma Screening

Early detection of melanoma skin cancer is the most important part of preventing spread, but unfortunately, regular mole screening is not routinely available on the NHS. Dr Evans is experienced in all aspects of skin cancer management, from screening to surgery.See Dr Evans' article on melanoma in the Western Mail.

Hidradenitis Suppurativa

This is a condition of mulitple boils and abscesses in the armpits and groin. Until recently there were no very effective treatments but in recent years a combination of Rifampicin and Clindamycin or the biological drug, Infliximab have dramatically improved the outlook for patients.

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